How To Avoid Plagiarism


Avoiding plagiarism is very critical and an issue of concern when it comes to essay writing. It is not wise enough to acknowledge why plagiarism is considered to be a serious offence in the academic world or get to understand it; you are also required to avoid it by all means possible. The easiest plagiarism scenarios to avoid are the one done intentionally. If at any case you happen to copy your classmates paper, purchase a paper direct from the internet, make a duplicate of the entire passages from a book, a website or an article, without specifying the author, in that case you are committing an offence termed as plagiarism.

Don’t attempt at any given case to borrow ideas from someone because maybe you are nervous about how you are going to perform on that particular subject or maybe the assignment is too hot to handle, the effects of plagiarism are very serious compared to the effects that might accompany you when you turn in a paper late. It’s not a prudent idea to plagiarize someone’s idea and property on purpose or by accident.

But for every subject that has a problem, in one way or another there must be ways to solve and tackle the problem concerning that particular subject.

And here I have a solution for you, the best way forward to make sure that you don’t fall into the temptations of plagiarism because of carelessness or confusion is to:

  • Have knowledge of what you are writing about before putting it on paper even if you are used to ask 'do my homework for me'.
  • Do your research carefully and systematically
  • Try and have a clear sense of the question you are tackling.
  • Keep clear notes as you do research on the subject
  • It’s often wise enough to ask questions rather that waiting for an instructor’s response on the work that you have submitted for grading.

Guided with those principles, you need also to know how to conduct research responsibly, and here are some guidelines:

  • Its very essential to keep track of electronic sources, for example when saving a PDF journal article, the proper place to put it is inside a folder on you computer to make it easily accessible when looking for it.
  • Sources should be put in correct context.
  • Having knowledge of the context is very important whenever you confer a source.
  • It is very prudent to careful consider the context from where the source was written.

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