Avoiding common mistakes when composing topics for a 5 paragraph essay

When choosing a topic for a 5 paragraph essay, it is important to avoid some common mistakes. There is a specific type of topic that you should use a 5 paragraph essay for. Five paragraph essays are used for specific topics. You can avoid some of these common mistakes by following some simple tips.

Choosing a topic for a five paragraph essay is easier when you understand the set up. A five paragraph essay includes:

  • An introduction that has background information on the topic and also has a thesis at the end of the paragraph. The thesis should state the reasons why you believe the statement that you have made about the topic. The thesis should list three reasons.
  • The 3 body paragraphs should describe each of the reasons why you believe the statement about your topic.
  • The last paragraph is a conclusion. The conclusion will restate the thesis and wrap the paper up.

The topic that you choose to write about should have three solid supporting details to write about. Therefore, do not make the mistake of choosing a topic that you can’t find at least three supporting facts about your statement. This will not work with a five paragraph essay. The same goes if you find a topic with millions of supporting facts. This will also be hard unless you just choose three.

A five paragraph essay is a common formatted paper. The format is one of the simplest formats to use and can be used for so many different topics. There are some common mistakes to avoid when finding a topic for a five paragraph paper.

Unappealing topic:

Try to make sure that you use a topic that is appealing to you. Make it something that you may be interested in. The essay will turn out better if you are interested in what you are writing about.

Topics with two much information

Topics that contain too much information are harder to write a concise essay about. It will be too hard to stay on track and most writers will see great information and end up adding in tangents here and there.

Topics with no sources

If you don’t have enough sources to write your paper effectively, you will be stuck with a lot of filler sentences or information that is not directly equivalent to your thesis statement.

Avoid common mistakes when composing topics for five paragraph essays by following these guidelines. That way you can choose a topic that you will succeed in writing.


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