Writing A 650-Word Essay: Suggestions For Dummies

Generally, autumn marks the time when seniors in high school start to think of and work on their college applications. A large part of the applications is writing the 650-word admissions essay, something a lot of students find is the most challenging part of getting into college. There are several strategies towards writing a great 650-word essay but it might be best if students simplified the process as much as possible. Here are a few suggestions towards composing a great paper for your application:

What’s the Purpose of Writing?

The first step in the process is deciding what the purpose of your work is. Of course, you want to get into college but this isn’t quite the reason you are composing this piece. The real answer is that it is one of the few parts of your application that will set you apart from the hundreds of other applicants and admissions committee will read through. The purpose of your work is to make you unique and interesting in the committee’s eyes. You are being asked to tell a personal story showing that you bring a valuable, fresh perspective to the college’s academic community. This is your main goal to keep in mind.

What Are You Writing About?

The next step is figure out what it is you want to say about yourself. Remember that you will be hoping to stand apart from hundreds of other applicants who will be submitting pieces on very similar topics. Ask yourself a few things about your experiences and consider what makes those experiences unique. A lot of student will write about traveling but did you go to an exotic country? Other students will write about their athletic experience but do you have an experience where you overcame a tremendous challenge? Brainstorm ideas to identify your best topic.

More Tips for Success

Consider using descriptive language to maintain interest throughout the story. By using descriptive language you draw your reader into the story, making it more difficult for him or her to lose focus and making it easier for your essay to stick out well after it is read.

Be sure to vary your sentence structure between short and long sentences. However, don’t try to impress with extremely complex structures. This can work against you if you confuse the reader or, worse yet, misuse the structure and make a serious grammatical mistake.


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