Writing a process essay in 5 steps

The ‘process’ in process essay is actually the centre of the whole project. Everything before and after the process should compliment and support this main component, making the method itself well understood by the reader.

As we’ll discover, there are five steps to follow when writing a complete process essay. To ensure yours is successful, keep your content dense with useful information. Process essays are often short and your word count won’t allow for any sloppy, unnecessary words.

The introduction

Introducing the direction of your research is best done after everything else has been written. A process essay is all about the exploration of an experimental course of action. Since you may not know the outcome of the experiment, it’s best to relay this information subtly once you’re done.

Don’t spoil any of the final results of your research in your introduction. However, having the outcome in mind while writing your introduction will put an enthralling spin on the tone; especially if the outcome corresponds with your theory.

The theory

This is the premise you hold before you start the experiment. You are essentially predicting what the outcome of this experiment will be. State the implications of the outcome freely. Your opinion is an important part of this essay. You want to tell the reader something, and then prove it to them.

The method

The performing of the experiment itself is recorded here. This type of essay is named after this section—so focus on it the most. The methodology is important in relaying how and why the outcome is what it is. Remember that the process itself is done to prove the theory, so concentrate on producing evidence that supports your theory when explaining the experiment.

The result

Did the result meet your expectations? Discuss this and other factors relating to the method. Be detailed about the results that followed your analysis and feel free to speculate on other outcomes had the experiment been conducted differently.

The conclusion

Briefly discuss the implications of the process outcome. This part of the discussion ends your experiment as you settle in the reader’s mind the final conclusion to the whole procedure.

Remember, a process essay is not limited to a scientific or chemistry experiment. Psychology, interviews and the analyzing of data are all different ways of following a process.


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