Creating an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that is essentially “arguing” or debating a certain point of view or topic. Rather than just arguing, you are stating a specific position or point of view on a subject matter, collecting evidence to support it, and debunking the opposing point of view.

A big mistake when writing an argumentative essay is being too broad or going on tangents, as if you are really debating in person rather than on paper. On essay it is essential to stay on topic and if you are going a little off the point, to bring it back around or explain why the other item you are discussing is important to your position.

Argumentative essays require research through scholarly articles, news articles, documentaries, your own research through surveys or interviews, and other factual evidence. Although opinions may be stated in an argumentative essay, they cannot be stated without evidence “proving” or backing up the opinion. It is inadvisable to simply state an opinion without the proper amount of research defending it. Every argumentative essay needs to incorporate as much support and evidence as possible in it to be a well written essay.

Your argumentative essay needs to include a strong and concise introduction paragraph. It should clearly state your view and the subject matter. Make sure to state the opinion as a fact, not as an opinion or suggestion for the reader to consider. Then mention at least three reasons or pieces of evidence for this point of view.

Every argumentative essay needs at least three points to defend the view, so that it is presented strongly and with authority. When the argument is presented with less defenses or not with authority, it comes off as lazy or badly written. Your reader should be engaged and want to remain informed throughout the essay, even if they do not agree with your view on the subject matter.

Also play devil’s advocate when writing your essay. Do not support the other point of view, but mention the other point of view then debunk it with enough evidence or explain strongly why the opposing view is lackluster or weak.

Lastly, an argumentative essay has a strong finish. The conclusion should be a little longer than your introduction and should include a few extra facts or some kind of wrap up of the previously mentioned pieces of support.


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