A List Of Great Topics For An Argumentative Essay About Voting Rights

As a teenager, you are always eager to state your opinion. You support your principles despite what others think, so writing an argumentative essay should be a piece of cake for you. It’s true, it will require a bit of research but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. The most important thing you need to watch out for is to bring valid arguments; this is vital especially when it comes to important topics like voting rights. We all value our freedom as citizens, and the right to vote is a basic element. I you have no inspiration and you want to find a good topic, consider one of these ideas:

  • Women have the right to vote. For us, this is absolutely normal; women have the same rights as men. Well, not always. A few dozen years ago no one imagined that women will have the right to vote. The society considered that only men could decide what is good for the country; women needed to be in the kitchen.
  • Racial discrimination. In many countries it is almost impossible to get citizenship if you are a foreigner. There are families who live in those countries for a lifetime, but they still don’t have the right to vote. You can analyze this issue in your argumentative essay, and for sure your professor will be interested.
  • Online voting. This is a really controversial topic and your colleagues will be motivated to ask questions and state their opinion. In many countries the government adopted online voting, as a measure of making the entire process more secure. However, many citizens say that this will allow hackers to steal votes and to jeopardize the voting system. Build your argumentative composition around this idea and see how it’s going.
  • Citizens who are out of the country should be allowed to vote? In Europe there are many scandals on this topic. Apparently, it is extremely difficult to vote in the embassy if you are out of your native country. The entire system is broken and this makes stealing of votes a very easy job. Some politicians even say that people who are out of the country should not be allowed to vote since they do not live in their native land. You can start from this issue and develop your essay once you get more information.

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