American View On Beauty

Beauty is a contagious issue. Beauty standards in America are a big issue to the country. It does not seem that there is ever going to be a set and agreed standard that defines beauty in America. Many people have got their views of what beauty standards are. The power that the society has in setting what we refer to as the beauty standards in America today should not be taken for granted. The beauty standards and what people perceive as beauty is one factor that influences how people behave. The most affected people are ladies. How girls look is perceived more much important than their male counterparts. This leaves the ladies with none choice but to try harder. Male do not have to do much to be considered as handsome. There are also not many images of men in the magazines and advertisements that set the standards of beauty for men. In fact, men are involved in activities to make them physical health rather than to look handsome.

The Standards

Beauty standards in America have been changing with time. What was seen as beauty some years ago has now changed. Each time and generation has its standards. The good thing is that beauty is measured in the same aspects. The most used elements include clothes fashion. Though they change with time, clothes are seen as an important factor rot determine beauty. For ladies, mixed race is an excellent standard for beauty. Most people have opted to perform plastic surgery to enhance their skin color. These measures have led to a significant increase in the need for cosmetic dentistry. People are keen to improve their smiles and how their teeth look. A lovely set of teeth is considered as an excellent standard of beauty. The hair is also an important factor. Man men consider blonde hair as being beautiful. Beauty would not be beauty without talking about how smooth the skin is and the color of the eyes. Many people consider blue eyes as beautiful. Physical body shape and size are also key points of setting or deciding beauty.

Controversy of Beauty

Most beauty standards and what the media portrays have led to many actions by most people. The truth is that what is in the media is not the reality of beauty. What the media prints are images that are not the idea. It has however taken over our thoughts and we cannot think straight or even make the right choices on the actions to take. This is to an extent of putting our health at stake in the aim of achieving these beauty standards.


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