How to Check Online Essay Samples for Plagiarism

If you need to use an essay found online for your academic work, you must be sure that it is free of any plagiarism. You may be penalized by your teachers if the paper you hand in contains any copied parts.

There are several online tools that will allow you to catch any problems in a paper so you can fix them right away. Teachers can also use these solutions in order to make sure that their students’ essays have indeed been written by them, and not just copied from some online source.

Methods of Checking for Plagiarism Online

  • Using search engines. Type in the sentence that you suspect to be plagiarized into your search bar and study the results closely. If the sentence has indeed been copied from a source archived somewhere on the Web, the search engine will find it. Follow the link that leads you to the exact or very close copy of the sentence and compare the rest of the paper.
  • Use specialized plagiarism checkers. Nowadays, you can find specialized online applications that can check any paper for plagiarism. They are based on the same principles as search engines, but the search they conduct is more attuned to the anti-plagiarism requirements that texts must meet. These applications are used by students, teachers, and even writers who create articles for various blogs and websites. You should understand that some online plagiarism checkers are more reliable than others. You might need to cross-check the text with several free services to be sure it’s unique.

Tips for Students

Students who want to be sure that their papers are free of any plagiarism must be very thorough when citing their sources. Taking detailed notes and marking every source you use in them will help you ensure that nothing is missed.

Check your reference list carefully. It must contain every source you cite, including ones that provided you with ideas.

Tips for Teachers

You will need to check every URL from the student’s reference list. If the links are broken or lead to different pages, you must use specialized plagiarism checkers. Many students employ these tactics in order to hide their misdeeds, hoping that no one will look at the paper too closely.

Look for plagiarism checkers that offer detailed reports you can print out and use as proof for your accusations; even free services have this option. However, you will still need to manually cross-check the paper to be perfectly sure of your claims.


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