Informative tutorial on how do you write a critical analysis essay

Every time you go to the movies or even to a sporting fixture, you will become a critic. He will have an opinion of the action you have seen. This is the type of role you need to play when writing a critical analysis essay. You become a critic. And the first thing you will do in this situation is discover the thesis written by the author. Remember that your critical essay will only be effective if you know what the author you are reviewing is on about. What is their argument? Only when you know the point they are trying to make can you then analyse it and write a critical analysis.

But there will be more than one point. Perhaps only one main point as in the thesis but certainly there will be a number of other supporting points. What are they? Draw up a list of these main points. Then, if any of these points cause confusion, do your homework. You will need to research any points you don't understand. You can't write a critical analysis of something unless you are familiar with it.

Be yourself

The whole point of a critical analysis essay is that while you are reviewing somebody else's words, the comments you make are your own words. Don't try and be somebody else. You must use your own language in writing your own critical analysis essay.

Now the author will have used certain tactics to make their point or points. They may have used emotive writing. They may have used good old-fashioned logic. Your task is to find out what methods or tactics the writer has used, explain them and then give your opinion on how successful or unsuccessful the writer has been.

Now don't try and analyse the entire work. Select a major part or the various parts of it and concentrate on those. And always, repeat always, keep a balanced opinion. Yes you will come down on one side of the argument by saying that it worked really effectively or not so, but it's very important that you consider both sides of the argument. Be prepared to praise and criticize all in your own single analysis.

One mistake many students make when writing a critical analysis essay is that they talk about themselves or about their opinions. You are there to analyse what the other writer thinks. Yes you are expressing your opinion but not about the issue you have to study. You are expressing your opinion on how well or how badly the other writer created the work.


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