Writing A Strong Cause And Effect Essay On Illiteracy: A Step-By-Step Guide

In many countries of a third world, illiteracy is considered a serious problem. It isn’t surprising that students often analyze main causes and effects of illiteracy in their essays. They write about why it happens and what the results are. Doing such an assignment helps students learn how to organize their ideas effectively. The following step-by-step guide provides useful guidelines for those who want to write a strong cause and effect essay on illiteracy:

  1. Find a good topic.
  2. Choosing a good topic is important if you want to prepare a high-quality paper. You can brainstorm ideas with your classmates or find a list of sample topics on illiteracy on the Web. Make sure to narrow down your topic. For example, you can write about illiteracy problem and its effects in Central Asia or among teenage girls in India.

  3. Structure your thoughts in a proper manner.
  4. A cause and effect essay should have a proper structure. You can choose one of three patters described further. Firstly, you can determine multiple causes of illiteracy and focus on a single effect. Secondly, you can describe the most important reason and several consequences. Thirdly, some students use a casual chain or domino pattern.

  5. Remember to provide all the necessary background information.
  6. Your introduction should state your main point and introduce the topic. The first sentence should be catchy and interesting to the readers. For instance, you can mention a shocking fact about how many children can’t read and write in developing countries. Pay special attention to your thesis statement and don’t forget to write a transitional sentence.

  7. Write three body paragraphs and use transitional words where appropriate.
  8. Typically, this kind of an assignment contains tree body paragraphs. Each one of them should provide a single point, along with supportive examples and details. If you need, feel free to add one paragraph. You can use transitional words, such as due to, because, since, for, thus, and as a result. This will help you provide details smoothly.

  9. Write a solid ending and restate your thesis idea.
  10. Writing a solid conclusion is vital if you want to get a high grade. No matter how well you’ve presented your arguments in body paragraphs, you can ruin your essay by composing a weak conclusion. You should restate your thesis instead of repeating it. It’s also necessary to ensure that everything is clear, so the readers will understand main causes and effects of illiteracy.


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