Three Qualities of a Good Student

Learning how to be a good student is not always about how high intelligence is or how smart a person is. Sometimes being a good student is simply all in the planning. Qualities of a good student are planning ahead, being organized, and having good listening skills.

A good quality is to always plan ahead and to always look ahead. If a student knows what is going on the next week, then an agenda for studying can be mapped out. Nothing will be left until the last moment, and then are no surprises about work that is due. Planning ahead allows a person the luxury of having fun while still getting the educational needs completed. When a student waits to the last minute, it is a sure bet that the printer will run out of ink or the computer will suddenly crash. Planning and looking ahead is a quality of a good student.

Organization is relative to each person, and it is a personal thing. Each person has his or her own method for works best. No organization method is a sure faire way to invite failure into your world. What does not work best is stuffing everything in a locker or in a backpack. There needs to be folders, filing, and a place to put all of the work, assignments, and books. If a person has to spend fifteen minutes looking for homework or the instructions to a project, the valuable time is wasted. Having good organizational skills is a quality of a good student.

Listening skills are very, very important. Teachers may give hints about an upcoming quiz or clues to make homework easier. If you are listening carefully you will hear those important tips and clues. If a student has trouble with listening skills, he or he may want to be an excellent note taker to compensate for the weakness. Listening carefully is a quality of a good student. Classes on learning how to listen are often offered and are a good idea if listening carefully is a weakness.

There are many qualities of a good student and each person is just a little bit different. Three strong characteristics of a good student are the ability to plan and look ahead, being organized, and having good listening skills. These three qualities will help a student have academic as well as life skills success.


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