Composing An Essay On How To Improve College Facilities

Essay writing can be enjoyable provided you have a clear idea on the topic you want to discuss. Contrary to what many students perceive, composing an essay so easy and interesting. If you have already been given a topic to research and write on, you have no choice but to do that. On the other hand if you have been given the freedom to choose on what to write about, find a topic that is interesting so that you will enjoy researching and writing about it. For instance for this case where you have been told to write an essay on how to improve college facilities, you have no choice but to research deeply on the topic and compose a killer essay that will leave your course instructor impressed with you.

There are three crucial steps mainly used in composing good essays.

The pre-writing phase

This is the first and important step in any academic writing. Now that you have already been given a topic to write about the main thing here is to go out and carry out a small research on the same. It is in this phase that you will highlight the affected areas that need improvement. Make sure your report on the condition of college facilities is factual. Collect all the evidence on the ground that can really convince your readers that there is need of improving the present situation.

The writing phase

This is like the body of your essay. It should have three main parts i.e. introduction, discussion and conclusion. It is in this phase that you get to explicitly express your opinion on the whole issue about how to improve college facilities. Ensure you make your ideas vivid in the introduction in order to engage your readers. Start by giving strong suggestions on how to improve college facilities. After introducing discuss your points in the main body with each paragraph having its own main idea. Do not mix ideas in different paragraphs as this might confuse the reader. After the discussion, draw a good conclusion mentioning your strong suggestion points on how to improve college facilities.

Post writing phase

This is the final step of your essay. The main thing here is to proofread your written essay with the aim of reducing grammatical errors and ensuring that the essay is in line with the recommended guidelines.


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