Starting off writing: working on an opening sentence for my essay

The first sentence in an essay can be very important. When you write for school you know that the teacher has to read whatever you write, however if you think of the teacher more as an audience you may end up with better essays. For example, what do you think gets a better grade, an essay that the teacher has to force himself or herself to read or the one they want to read and enjoy reading? Just because they have to read it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be as good. Here is what your essay’s first sentence needs to make a big impression.

What you need it to have

  • A hook
  • Real substance
  • A relation to the topic of the essay

A hook

The first line of your paper should have something that makes people want to read further. It should reel them in and make them want to know what comes next. The hook is something that pulls the reader into the plot of your easy. Use this sentence to tell them the most exciting thing your essay has to offer in the most interesting way possible. The more they are interested the better grade you will get assuming your grammar is also good.

Real substance

While the first sentence should be exciting, it should also have real value and substance as well. You want the reader to have the sense that the sentence is more than just a flashy way to catch their eye. It should be exciting but also have a real purpose in the essay. Make sure that you don’t just make it something catchy but that it does have a point as well or else that sentence has no real purpose and they should all serve the essay well, especially the first one.

Be related to the topic

Every sentence in the essay should have a relation to the topic of the essay. Each sentence should act as a building block. On their own they aren’t much, but when you put them together they make something of true substance. That is all an essay really is when you break it down. It is a lot of simple sentences all on the same topic in the right order to make some kind of point or express some kind of idea.

The first sentence is the introductory sentence. As the first thing a person reads, it is important because it makes the first impression of the essay. If it has strength, purpose, a hook and a relation to the topic then it will make for a good first impression.  


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