Dying Young Or Growing Old

It is often uncomfortable for people to consider the possibility of themselves growing old or dying. The fact remains that everyone who is born will eventually die whether they feel like they should or not. Some people have have a greater fear of aging than they do of death and secretly or openly hope that death will take them before they have to endure the indignities of old age. Others would prefer to live as long as possible no matter how and cling to that last breath. But which of these views is right?

In a society where youth is revered it can be easy to understand why so many people fear aging. The entertainment industry seems to be full of very young people with new stars getting younger and younger all the time. The few older entertainers are often fighting a battle to look younger than they are which involves the use of plastic surgery and other enhancing treatments. When they are photographed, software is used to remove the signs of aging from them so that they are almost unrecognizable.

In the face of this parade of youth, aging seems like a dirty thing that should be done away with if at all possible. This may lead people who understand that they will one day be unable to look like a teenager anymore to consider a shorter life as a viable alternative to aging. The majority of people who think this are still very young, however and even more of them have the fortunate of not getting their wish. They live long enough to realize that getting old does not need to be a curse and may even be a blessing.

Natural aging is of course not without its problems. The body will begin to show signs of a lifetime’s worth of wear and tear. Depending on the way that body was treated in its youth, it may no longer be able to walk, see, eat with its own teeth or even go to the bathroom unassisted. This is the part of aging most people fear yet in many cases it is avoidable. By eating well and exercising regularly, many senior citizens are able to enjoy the type of lifestyle they did in their youth with minor modifications.

Those who feel most strongly that they should never grow old may be hard to convince that the process need not be terrible. The wisdom to understand that, unfortunately comes with time.


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