Epidemiology is the study if causes and effects, origins, and patterns as they relate or connect to diseases or ailments. It is a part of public health. This study gives statistical and solid proof that will help find cures and preventions for the ailment or the disease. The components that are studied that are relative to epidemiology are the demographics of the area impacted, the time of the occurrence, and the location of the disease or of the ailment.

People who study epidemiology they have a masters degree in the study of public health. This masters usually has a focus on the field of epidemiology. In this course of study you would take classes on biostatistics, immunology, research, and behavior. If you plan on working in a lab or a research lab then y our dissertation and medical school study will be required. You could end up with a job in health, a lab, at a disease center, at a hospital, at a university or working in the field. Some of the distinct specialties of the studies are environmental, psychological, or genetic.

This field gives a mode for understanding disease and ailments. Doctors, scientists, and researchers skilled in the study of epidemiology can study the spread of the disease, the effects of the disease, the origin of the disease, and the end result of the disease. This information that is culled by these experts can result in cures and preventions that can be sued later.

If the health of the public is improved, then this field is beneficial to everyone. You might not ever know you have benefitted from it. People not directly affected by a disease may not get it due to a cure. This impact is second hand, but certainly it is till very important to everyone. Ebola is currently being studied and revolutionary measures are being used to prevent its spread and to provide a cure. These measures were developed through the field of epidemiology.

Epidemiology and who studies it, how it impacts people and their health, and who benefits from it are important things to know. It literally saves lives and it makes the world a better, safer, and healthier place for everyone. So the next time someone asks you what Epidemiology is, you can tell them what it is , how it works, and how the world benefits from the field.


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