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There are many social components are seen in the film, Night of the Living Dead. This film expounds upon the same notions held in the early sixties of clinging to social happiness and traditions, traditions which were broken when this film was released. The film was grotesquely violent, particularly for its time, and instigated remarks about “violence pornography” as a sort of sick desire to secretly view violence.

This came from the time when the American Dream and traditions following the Second World War were closing and the Cold War was starting. People were, again, shocked at the implications that the bad guys could be living among us, particularly in light of current events at the time, and the idea that no hero lives. This could have been indicative of any particular party, race, or the whole of the human race being completely destroyed.

In Night of the Living Dead, the film aspects include scoring which was far from subtle as well as obtuse camera angles which made the film itself seem unreal in terms of the quality. In the film, the audience is led to confusion based on the unknown. They see that strange humans are lurking prior to receiving news feeds that waves of murders are taking place across the country.

Overall, the theme toward humanity instilled anxieties within the audience, causing an immediate panic which underscored the inability of people to cooperate during a time of crisis, something terrifying in light of the Cold War emergence. The characters do not help one another throughout the film, but rather, turn on one another in order to selfishly save themselves. This presents an issue for audience members fearful that there will be no aid.

The film also caters to the fears projected by the Cold War, the uncertainty and the overall lack of loyalty between countries. This indicated that it was impossible to determine who was your friend and who was your enemy and as such, certain components of the film display a lack of friendship at all near the end, indicative of being isolated and alone as things come to a close.

The violence in both films was comparatively grotesque when matched with the implication to the audience that there were secrets and dark forces in existence. Drawing upon dark past histories, the films focused on corruptibility, victimization, vulnerability, and multiple identities. Both films killed at least one of the major stars of the film, bursting the Hollywood bubble that good always triumphs over evil and the hero always comes out alive.


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