Engineering Responsibility

Engineering applies science to the common aim of life. The major purpose of the engineer is to develop both knowledge and understanding of our universe. The main focus of the engineering is to apply scientific knowledge in order to meet the needs of society. Engineering is the one to connect science to society and therefore, engineering has a social responsibility.

Social Responsibility

As for social responsibility, it means a certain commitment of the engineering profession to place both public safety and interest ahead of other considerations. The social responsibilities of engineering are the following:

  • Ensuring both the safety and well-being of the public;
  • Ensuring that the funds and resources of society related to technology are properly used;
  • Individual and organizational concern of the impact of engineers’ projects upon society;
  • Commitment of engineering schools to educate future engineers on their social responsibilities;
  • Commitment of engineers in order to both design and develop sustainable technologies;
  • Providing expert pieces of advice to non-experts;
  • Providing care as well as concern about the impact of technology on both nature and environment;

Engineering is by no means a stationary profession. The 21st century is defined by huge challenges that humanity is facing. These are energy as well as food security in addition to scarcity of natural resources as well as climate change. The demand of engineering skill is increasingly higher than ever in order to provide sustainable engineering systems.

Engineering and Society

Engineering is by all means a great profession. It is fascinating watching a figment of the imagination arise with the help of science moving towards a plan on paper. Then it is moving towards realization in stone or metal or even energy. Then it contributes to the standards of living in addition to the comfort of life. It is the engineer’s extreme privilege.

The Broad Definition

The engineer is the major figure within the material progress of the world. Engineering is what makes the reality of the potential value of science in order to translate scientific knowledge into tools, energy, resources as well as labor brought into the service of man. In order to make this kind of contribution, it requires imagination to visualize the needs of society and to appreciate the technological as well as the broad social understanding to bring the engineer’s vision to reality. All in all, the broad definition focuses on the following key words: material progress of the world, societal needs and social understanding.


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