Finding winning topics for your argument essay

When you are about to write an argument essay it’s best to choose a controversial topic, because there is almost guaranteed to be a debate for either side. A good debatable topic can really grab the attention of your reader.

There are some general, broad topics that always seem to be an issue in the media as well as having most people divided down one side or another. Here are some of those general topics:

  1. Abortion. There seems to be no limit for how much this topic can be debated, and there’s always new articles in the news to draw on.
  2. Animal testing and animal rights. This topic always ignites quite a heated debate, and people seem to be very adamant about the side they choose.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry, sometimes called “big Pharma” is allegedly responsible for questionable practices when it comes to pushing their prescription drugs. There is ample room for debate in many areas.
  4. Genetic cloning – this topic always seems to get a rise out of people. It’s perhaps one of the newer hot debate topics, so there’s still room for plenty of exploring.
  5. Death penalty. This topic has people who are pro or against. You could really get a good argument going on this one.

These broad categories are to give you an idea of where to find a narrower topic. For example, the animal testing category may lead you to a topic such as, should animals be used for medical or scientific research?

The death penalty category may help you narrow down a topic idea to: should we make the death penalty mandatory for all murderers or just repeat or mass murderers?

You can take any one of the broad categories above and do the same thing: narrow it down to an arguable topic that can be covered in one essay’s length.

A winning topic for your argument essay could literally come from any category. What makes it a winning topic is the passion you put into your argument. Remember as you write you are trying to present your side of the argument in such a way as to convince the reader to believe you or change their mind. You must also give fair play to the opposite side of the argument, and present to the reader why that side is faulty. If you cannot present both sides, you cannot make a winning argument. Many students fail to see this important point.


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