Writing Your First Five Paragraph Essay: 5 Steps to Make a Great Paper

Writing assignments can be challenging, but many students follow numerous helpful tips and prepare great papers. A typical essay consists of five paragraphs; this is a great model for beginners who are starting to develop their writing skills. The following five steps are designed to guide every student and help him or her compose a five paragraph essay.

Step 1: Prepare a Good Introduction

The first paragraph should introduce the topic and involve the reader in your paper. The most important element of this paragraph is a thesis statement that tells the audience the main idea of your essay. In other words, this essay outline reveals the topic. It is common that the last sentence of the introductory paragraph is a “hook” that holds the reader’s attention. It also ensures that he or she reads the text below.

Step 2: Write a Strong First Paragraph

The second paragraph is the first part of your essay body. It should contain the strongest point or the most interesting idea. The first sentence usually includes information that ties the text of the paragraph with the “hook” sentence at the end of your introduction. Then, you have to compose a topic statement that develops the thesis statement. The last sentence of each paragraph is a transitional one. It is a good idea to search online and find lexicons that help indicate transitions in a text.

Step 3: Write an Interesting Second Paragraph

You should write this paragraph based on the tips listed in the second step, but also try to provide an interesting example or a surprising fact. This is the right place to paste a figure. Sometimes, it is also a good idea to provide quotations and discuss the position of those opposing your point of view.

Step 4: Describe the Last Argument in the Third Paragraph

The last body paragraph often contains the weakest point. It describes the last arguments and explains the facts you consider less important than those you have mentioned previously. The last sentence of this part should explicitly indicate that the next paragraph is your conclusion.

Step 5: Summarize and Compose Your Conclusion

A concluding paragraph should re-state your thesis without duplicating it. You should mention why the topic is important and what points you consider the most valuable. This paragraph can raise an issue that needs further research, or make a call-to-action if you are writing a persuasive essay.


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