How to use a free essay sample that you can find online

When you have no idea on how to start your essay you can find free samples online to help you. Students use them for multiple purposes as they give more insight on the writing process. A good sample can help you get ideas on what to write about, how to write about it and what you should avoid during the writing process. Sample essays can serve as study models to help new writers organize and structure their content. The following points are common reasons why samples online are helpful during the essay writing process.

  • Topic ideas. Samples offer some inspiration for ideas when you need to come up with a topic. When you come across several samples you get insight on what your essay could be about. Read over the content to get some perspective on how you would present your ideas.
  • Structure and organization. A well-written sample shows how to structure and organize thoughts and ideas into a cohesive academic paper. Students can take note on how to create content that is solid and concise with their claim (main idea or thesis).
  • Tone, voice and perspective of topic to your readers. A sample essay gives an idea of how your content should speak to the reading audience. Depending on the subject matter you should have a certain tone and voice with your content. These aspects help readers understand details behind your main idea.
  • Study model for how to form sentences and paragraphs. This may relate to structure and organization of content, but you have another side to consider. You may have ideas you want to include for your topic. A sample will give insight on how well those ideas are suitable for what you want to write about.
  • What details do you need for your essay to make it stand out? Read over the sample and note which ideas and concepts were most memorable to you. How does this information compare to what you want to include about your topic?
  • Create an outline. You can use your sample to help you make an outline your essay can follow. Study the sample and use each section to make a labeled section on your paper. For instance you may have the introduction as your first with discussion points to mention. Do this throughout the whole essay after developing an idea for a topic.

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