What you should know about online freelance essay writing jobs

Working as a freelance writer can be a rewarding career or part time job. The best parts of freelance writing are being able to choose your own work and working at your own pace. However, there will be times when you think you are working on a certain type of project, only learn that the project is not what you expected. This often happens with essay writing jobs.

Tricking the Freelancing Websites

Many of the top freelancing sites will not allow clients to post essay writing jobs, especially if those essays look like they are being written for an academic purpose. This violates the ethics of the sites, because they are not designed to help people cheat. However, there are clients who are able to word the job descriptions so that the writers think they are applying for something different. Then, once the writers are hired, they are asked to write essays. In many cases, when the writers ask about the purpose of the essays, the clients will not answer. This is first sign that a freelancer has been duped into writing essays for students.

Legal and Ethical Troubles

Now, there is nothing illegal at this time with writing an essay for a student, so you will not get into any legal trouble with freelance jobs of this sort. But, many writers suffer from the guilt of writing for students who should be writing for themselves. This is especially hard for writers, because they love to write and many believe that students should build their own writing skills.

What to Know about Freelance Essay Writing

If you do not have any issue with writing essays for students who want to pay for them, then you can easily find freelancing jobs with the essay writing companies. You will need to write specific essays for individual students and in some cases you will have to communicate with those students. The essays will need to be written on time and they will need to be edited to near perfection. Each essay will need to be able to pass a plagiarism checker, so it will need to be written from scratch and passed through a plagiarism checker before sending it to the student. The job might be rewarding for the right person, especially because so many students will be eternally grateful for the work you did.


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