Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay: Use a Free Example

A five paragraph essay is the most common format assigned in classes. This means that every student will need to write a fair share of them throughout their high school and college careers. You will need to master the skill early to get high marks. The following tips will teach you how to do this:

Get your readers involved from the beginning.

An introduction plays an essential part in this because it is the part of the essay that must “hook” the audience in. You will only have a few short sentences to succeed in this, so use all your wits. You can introduce a controversial statement, interesting piece of statistical data, or a witty joke to get people interested in reading further.

Introduce the strongest argument first.

Five paragraph essays are small, so you will benefit from “taking the plunge” right from the start. The first body paragraph should be built around your strongest argument and undisputable evidence that supports it.

Place the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph.

Strengthen your position.

You can do this by introducing the second strongest argument in the next body paragraph. It should complement the first and cover another side of the issue. This will limit the number of arguments your opponents may use.

Address the opposing views.

The third body paragraph should be focused on addressing the arguments your opponents may use against you and discrediting them. This will make your position stronger in the readers’ eyes, and will prevent them from supporting the opposing view.

Do not be aggressive or offensive in this section. Your writing must remain impassive and simply state facts.

Write an impressive conclusion.

This will be a very difficult task, as your conclusion must be as good as the introduction. It must be the proverbial “cherry on top” for the paper. Make sure that it concludes every thought developed in the essay and summarizes the main points.

Do not simply restate your arguments, though. Use your imagination to reword them and present them from another angle.

Show readers the significance of your work.

One of the parts of the essay (preferably the last body paragraph or conclusion) should show your research from a grander scale. Explain how it fits with the current research that exists in this field of study. This section should show your readers the direction they should choose if they decide to further your research.

Write with passion.

Good writing is essential for any essay. If you do not think you possess the talent, you should choose a topic you are truly passionate about. This will make working on the essay much easier.


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