When students first encounter writing, they are taught the basics of essay writing among other aspects of grammar. The five paragraph essay is the worldwide accepted standard for an essay, and one of the first things that students learn how to write. Consisting of three parts—an introduction, body and conclusion—an essay is a written piece that comments, describes, or delineates a topic. In the world of literature, essay writing is supposed to be the general criteria to test someone’s writing skills. Therefore, it is very necessary for one to know how to write a good five paragraph essay. Here are some tips:

State your main point clearly and quickly:

  • Do not make the introduction longer than necessary, or you will surely bore your readers. Always keep the introduction concise and to the point, and state your thesis, argument, or main factor clearly in the introduction.
  • This gives a direction to your essay, thus keeping you on track.

Make an outline for your essay:

  • Not everyone has the habit to do this, but it is a beneficial one nonetheless.
  • The outline of your essay should be very short, and made just before you start writing. Divide the outline into three parts, each corresponding to a separate section of your essay. List all the major ideas related to that section in the outline.
  • Thus, at the end, what you will be left with is a concise skeleton or your essay, to which you only have to add flesh and meat.

Use various figures of speech:

  • Figures of speech not only enhance the quality of your work, but also make the essay for an interesting read. Read books and articles to increase your vocabulary, and learn sentence structure and formation by perusing novels.
  • Once you get the hang of things, you will know that there are various ways of describing something other than the word ‘nice’. Thus, you will be able to avoid bland and clichéd expression and add a fresh flavor to your writing.

Conclusion matters:

  • Always start your conclusion by restating your thesis or main idea. This acts as a reinforcement technique, and reminds the reader why he or she opted to read your essay in the first place.
  • Keep the conclusion persuasive and thoughtful. You can leave the reader wondering by putting up a question, or you can let lose your opinion on a matter. You are the master of your words, and you should know how to use them.

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