How To Boost Expository Essay Writing Skills: Professional Advice

Expository essays, like their argumentative counterparts, are a staple diet fed to students by professors eager to watch them grow. An expository essay harnesses several different skills: the need to research, the need to assess and the need to then articulate your argument concisely in written form. If you can do all of this then, you are onto a winner. Even if you struggle with elements of it, then there are some simple and practical steps that you can take that will not only boost your expository essay writing skills, but your skills in general.

I have written and marked more of these types of papers during my academic life than I care to remember. However, hopefully by giving you the benefit of my professional advice in this article you can take away something useful from it:

Break it down

Don’t fall into the trap that so many students fall into and that is to just moan that you can’t complete the assignment. If you are struggling then, you need to figure the reason for it. Is it because you struggle with focusing on your research? Do you find it difficult narrowing down the field? Is it your grammar that is letting you down? Once you have determined your weaknesses, you can then play to your strengths while taking time out to brush up on the areas that are letting you down.

Improvement takes time

It is all very well and good bemoaning the fact that you cannot do something. Once you have identified a weakness then the only way you are going to move forward is to work on it. That requires a time commitment. Even an hour or two per week practicing and working through it will make a big difference.

Speak to your lecturer

Your lecturer is there to help. If you go to them and explain that you have figured that your problem is not so much with this particular assignment as a whole, but rather a certain element of it, then I can guarantee that they will be seriously impressed. They are so used to students bailing out without thinking through their problems.

Practice with friends

A problem shared…If forming your argument is proving challenging, then practice on your friends. You can either do this at an agreed time as part of a structured practice session, or you practice your debating skills without them even being aware that you have a hidden agenda. The ball truly is in your court!


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