Extraordinary ideas for a process essay: what to write on

When you are in school, you will be asked to write many styles of papers. One such style is the process essay. The process essay is similar to all other essays you will be asked to write in that you need to be able to choose a strong topic before you start your research and writing.

Choosing a Strong Topic for Your Process Paper

What exactly is a strong topic? Well, since you will be dedicating a great deal of your time to your paper, it is imperative that you select a topic that you truly enjoy working with. Of course, it is not always so simple.

In order for your project to be a success, you have to make sure your topic is enjoyable as much as it is strong. This brings us back to the looming question: what exactly is a strong topic?

A strong topic is one that is substantial enough for you to develop a strong thesis.

How can you tell if you have a weak topic?

  • If you go to the library to begin research and find that there is very little information available, then you have a weak topic. This is a common problem that can disrupt your mental flow, your confidence, and waste your time. While you might love your topic, if there is not enough information out there for you to draft a cohesive paper, then you might have to give up the topic that you love so much in exchange for something more viable.
  • If you go to the library to begin research and find that the information does not support your thesis, then you have a weak topic. This is another common frustration for students. It is just as frustration for professors who have to publish their work. New and exciting ideas are great, until you find that all available research points in the opposite direction. If the evidence points in another direction, don’t stick with your topic.

In order to avoid these common pitfalls with your research paper topic, you should select a handful of topics right from the start. Have three or four topics in mind when you start your research. Then head to your school library and start a preliminary search. Figure out which idea has the biggest supply of supportive, published material and use that as your topic.


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