Planning and Writing an Expository Essay

Writing an expository essay, also known as an informational essay, can be a mundane task for some, especially if the professor leaves the topic choice completely up to you. For some, that could be similar to asking them to find a needle in a haystack. However, if you plan properly and follow the following steps, writing an expository essay will be a piece of cake.

Tips for Planning the Expository Essay

  • Brainstorm the topic- Whether it is one you pick or one you are assigned, make sure to take time to brainstorm.
  • Create an outline- This keeps your thoughts clear and organized. You can add or delete thoughts and ideas later, the important thing is to get them on paper.
  • Walk away- Do not try to write this essay in one day. Take some time away from the essay in order to give your brain a chance to process what you already have on paper.
  • Know where to go- This means you should know where to go to get proper citation examples, research material, and proofreading and editing help.

Tips for Writing an Expository Essay

  • Research- Use your outline as a guide to getting your research in order. It is highly recommended that you do your research prior to writing the essay and not during.
  • Strong thesis statement- Make sure your thesis statement is strong, clear, and upfront in your first paragraph.
  • Remain clear and logical throughout the essay- Make sure your transitions are sensible and in some kind of order. You want the reader t be able to follow your essay with ease. This includes not just the body but also the introduction and the conclusion.
  • Evidence- The body of your expository essay needs to show evidence supporting what you are saying. When it comes to evidence, the rule is quality over quantity. Do not fill your essay with useless info from sources that may not be considered reputable.
  • Remember to remain creative- Although this is an informational essay, you still want it to be fun to read. Throwing in bits of creativity also helps the body of the essay flow better for the reader.
  • End with a strong conclusion- Stay away from introducing more info in the conclusion. Instead, reiterate your position and a couple of facts to back it up.

There you have it, an easy to follow guide to writing an expository essay.


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