Top 20 Popular Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay, is much like an argumentative essay, in that it pushes a point. But the persuasive essay is a lot friendlier, just opposite of the position essay, which is more aggressive. In a persuasive essay, one tries to gently persuade the reader, with facts and solid points. Keeping the reader interested enough to read the essay and see what the writers is telling them to think.

  1. Social
  2. Political
  3. Economics
  4. Business
  5. Science


In a social subject, the writer needs to look at how to present the issue, without causing a conflict. Bringing up many points, can be very touchy, so presentation is very important.

  • Responsibility of Free Speech
  • Advertisements, bad role models for Girls
  • Cellphones and Driving
  • Parents of Bullies should be Punished
  • Girls be allowed to play on Boy’s Sports teams


Politics, can be very heated, so when using this in a persuasive essay, wording and presentation, are very important. Stick to your belief, but do so in as monitored a presentation as the student can.

  • Progressive Influence
  • Politicians, for Politicians
  • All Countries should have a National Language
  • Teachers should have Competency Testing
  • Free Bus Rides for the Elderly


Managing money, and investing are always good topics to work with. But economics covers more than just that; it is anything to do with finances and business.

  • Evaluating your portfolio is Important
  • Sports Players are Paid more than Worth
  • Why Businesses should not Invest in Stocks
  • A Private Money Market, is better than Government Retirement
  • Raising Money for School Projects


In business, this should cover actual practices, and why they are good or bad.

  • A Working Manager, is Better than a Paper Manager
  • Both, Working and Paper Managers are Needed
  • Hiring Managers, is Risky Business
  • Promoting from Within, is a Productive way to Hire Managers
  • Should Prostitution be a Legal Business


Scientific ideas can be presented through this type of essay as well. Ringing up a thought, and persuading others to accept it, is a good use of the persuasive essay.

  • Evolution does not Counter Religion
  • Sex Education is not Working
  • Terminal Illness and Doctor Assisted Suicide
  • Value of Medical Marijuana
  • Success/Failure of Protecting Endangered Species

These can be used as they are, or to help with ideas for the student’s essay.


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