Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are the media or messages that are used to communicate with a market. Marketing communications entails the promotion of products or services on a niche market. The traditional ways of marketing communications included the use of printed marketing material. The promotion of products and services has improved dramatically through the advancement of technology. Companies and individuals have included the use of social media and telecommunications to promote their products or services.

Marketing communications is closely linked to the communication process. The marketing communications process has three main stages. Stage one is the sender encoding the message in the form of an advertisement that will capture the attention of the intended audience. Stage two is the transmission of the message. The attractive advertisement is transmitted to the audience using a channel or medium. The last stage is when the receiver or audience decodes the message. In marketing communications, the audience may hear the advertisement through different media platforms.

Communication platforms include television ads, printed ads and the latest platform is social media. According to Stein social media such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of active users or followers that companies could reach and promote their brands. It has become essential for companies as well as individuals to utilize the social media platform of marketing communications. Statistics show that over eighty-five percent of businesses have social media presence that is geared towards marketing.

Another imperative aspect of marketing communications is branding. It is any effort to impress the company’s brand to the customer through TV commercials, sponsorships, events and adverts among others. Branding extends to the product packaging, presentation and company outlook. Creating a brand such as Walmart or Ford takes a lot of efforts and usually involves marketing communications.

The major focus of marketing communications is to increase the market presence of a company’s products or services. This type of communication is geared towards making the clients or customers choose to buy that product over and again. Promotion of products and services is extremely essential in making sales. In conclusion, marketing communications is an integral part of the marketing mix. It is mainly used to promote the product to customers and clients. It is related to the general communication process. There are many platforms for communication including social media that has become a huge marketing force globally. Marketing communications is a valuable tool used to create a brand.


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