Quick Tips For Composing An Opinion Essay On Online Shopping

Writing academic essays is fun and interesting for most of the students. However, if a student does not have an interest in the subject, then it can get troublesome for him. You have to create academic papers in a way that they seem interesting to the audience as well. A reader can tell by reading a piece whether the writer was interested in writing or not. An opinion assignment requires you to pick a subject and give your own opinion about it. Even though you will give your opinion based on your experiences and preferences, you must back it up with strong evidence. This evidence can be both in forms of logical and factual. You can use both types of data depending upon the availability and strength. It is important that you use authenticated sources so that your paper looks valid. You may have a very strong reason to form an opinion about something but your audience will only believe it if you give them enough evidence.

If you are to create an opinion paper about online shopping, then you should keep certain tips in your mind. These tips will help you create a strong paper and score a good grade

  1. Develop understanding of your subject
  2. Start by searching about the subject, reading expert written papers, finding out the trends and recent updates so that you have a detailed understand of what you are going to talk about. You should be well aware of online shopping, its trends and background. Once you read different opinions on the subject, it will be easy for you to be objective about it and write your own stance

  3. Decide the stance you want to take
  4. When you have enough information about the subject, decide whether you want to write for it, against it or whatever aspect you want to discuss about it. This stance is important for the rest of your paper. Develop a clear stance so that you can base the rest of your assignment on it

  5. Gather your evidence
  6. Collect data from authenticated and valid sources to support your opinion

  7. Decide and organize the data for certain sections
  8. Create an outline

  9. Write your body
  10. Expand the outline

  11. Create a precise introduction and conclusion
  12. Create a frame around your paper

  13. Edit and proofread
  14. This would improve the presentation of your work


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