How to make sure you've chosen a good persuasive essay topic for a middle school paper

The writing of a persuasive essay gives you a great opportunity to show the reader how convincing you can be. This is especially true when you pick the less obvious side to argue and still manage to defend it well. Some of the things that can help you choose better topics are:

A thorough understanding of who will read your essay

Knowing your audience well means that you will know how best to appeal to them and get them to agree with you.

A good grasp on both sides of the story

While this is not an argumentative essay you still benefit from knowing how the opposing side could be argued. You reader will most likely be thinking up counterarguments to what you have written so try to address any legitimate issues before they do.


You are under no obligation write the first topic that comes to mind. Give yourself ample time to think of topics and see which one truly appeals to you that you can explore deeply within your allotted timeframe. This time may seem wasted in the short-run but it actually saves you time by helping you avoid literary dead ends where a topic that sounds promising in fact contains few solid points and must be scrapped midway.

Now that you have some ideas on how to choose a great persuasive essay topic in middle school, here are few for you to look over and decide if they appeal to you.

  • Should middle school students cook their own lunches at school?
  • Will athletic careers one day become more practical for all children to aspire too?
  • Does high school teach children all they need to know at that age?
  • Do subjects that rarely lead to well paying jobs have a place in the modern curriculum?
  • Can there be any excuse for the continued use of unethically produced goods?
  • Does consumerism produce any significant rewards for society?
  • Does teamwork really pay?
  • Can un-schooling help create a better adjusted adult?
  • Will insect based protein ever reduce the demand for traditional meats?
  • Should schools be structured more like amusement parks?
  • Should more American schools have uniforms?

Many of the topics above have to do with education. These tend to go over well with teachers and be simple to gather information for. If another topic appeals to you more you can try it instead or incorporate aspects of it into another area.


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