Philosophy Of Man

Philosophy is a wide subject. In the past it was only associated with understanding about love and wisdom. With change in time and ideologies, philosophy has been is seen to shed some light on many problems that revolve around existence, knowledge, reality, values, language, reason and mind. The human being is one that comes into the bigger picture when you think of philosophy. There is what is today called the philosophy oh man. It is seen as a bridge and a spring board to propel towards understanding the deeper truth about life. It is only through this truth that man can obtain the real knowledge that is essential for the human brain. The process of philosophy gives beings satisfaction that is essential for a good and happy life that is the desire of many human beings.

Man as rational being

God gave man a gift of mind and the free will. This is the aspect that makes philosophy interesting. In our search for the truth and understanding of life, we realize how different we all are. This is the basics of philosophy of man; that we express autonomy in many aspects. Our thinking and way of doing things is different. However, even with our different approaches and decisions, we are still mindful of the human race. This is what is in the fallacy of norms and ethics. There are the set rules on how we are supposed to live. This enhances our living together. It does not really matter what we think about some situations, but we have to follow some sort of set rational code of conduct. This brings about so many questions on what is the true way to happiness. It increases our curiosity and desire to understand the way to be happy without affecting others. In fact, level of curiosity has been seen to change with generations. In most cases people think and the curiosity goes way past reality. And this is the mystery world of ethics that we live in. a world that you many never clearly understand.

When do we philosophize?

I tend to believe that man philosophizes most of the time. It is not only the deeper thinkers that are part of philosophy. Any time you take some time trying to understand a situation or even understand who you are is philosophy itself. We are most of the time in search of information about many things and this is philosophizing. The three drivers of philosophy are emotions, experience and insight.


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