Writing Five Popular Types Of An Essay

The Persuasive Essay

When you write a persuasive essay, your main objective is to win your reader over to your point of view. You want to make your case so strong, so air tight, that there is simply no alternative perspective, or “other side” to the issue.

There are a few techniques you can put to use to make your essay more convincing. These include providing a strong opening statement that leaves no doubt as to where you stand on the issue being discussed. Follow up in the body of your essay with evidence from reputable sources that supports your claims. Be consistent, and concise in your style of writing. Every word on the page should be about proving the thesis you set out at the start.

The Expository Essay

Expository essays may be the most common form of essay that instructors assign. They are not usually written in the first person, and they should focus on facts, not your own personal feelings on the topic being examined. However, personal knowledge and relevant experiences may be included in an expository piece.

Often expository essays will describe a particular process, or will seek to explain something to the reader. They can also be used to compare and contrast different issues, ideas or things.

The Narrative Essay

Frequently, (but not always) written in the first person, the narrative essay is often a personal story that you tell your reader. The topic may be an event or a memorable experience that you describe in vivid detail. Your aim is to recreate the scene, the sounds, smells, and emotions that were present when the event took place.

The Argumentative Essay

As suggested by the name, an argument is presented to your audience when you use this type of essay to get your point across. Controversial topics often make the best argumentative essays. You must take a strong position on the issue being examined, but don't expect every reader will be easily won over! Abortion, euthanasia, animal rights and the death penalty are some excellent examples of subjects that are often used by students writing argumentative essays.

The Cause And Effect Essay

This form of essay seeks to explain how and why things happen, and the connection between events or processes. Your goal should be to explain the relationship between the elements under examination. Similar to an expository essay, a cause and effect paper should stick to the facts, and have a rational tone rather than an emotional one.

As with any essay, always make sure your argument is clearly stated at the beginning of the piece, followed with supporting evidence, and has a conclusion that leaves them wanting more!


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