Expository Essay Topics: 23 Questions Worth Discussing

An expository essay is meant to explain a certain topic to the audience. You are able to express you own opinion in this kind of article but you will need to back such ideas back with facts. The main premises should be based on trustworthy information. This will add a layer of credibility to your text and the readers will most likely agree with your statements. In this post, we provide some interesting questions that are worth discussing.

  1. Who is your favourite actor or actress? Why?
  2. What is your favourite era of History? Why would you like to live in that period?
  3. What is your favourite book? Why did you choose this work?
  4. How has your favourite teacher helped you in your education?
  5. Describe the most enjoyable trip that you have experienced.
  6. Describe what you would do in order to change the world.
  7. Describe your favourite day with your family. Why did you choose that day?
  8. What is your favourite kind of music? Describe your choice in detail.
  9. How important is homework for a student learning process?
  10. Describe the pros and cons of mobile phones for teenager students.
  11. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of a longer lifespan?
  12. Describe the possible measures to deal with bullying in schools.
  13. Do you agree that mastering a foreign language is important nowadays?
  14. Describe the qualities of an effective leader according to famous examples.
  15. Explore the downsides of the overuse of the Internet nowadays.
  16. What kind of work would you choose if you were to volunteer in your community?
  17. Describe the possible benefits of mastering your favourite hobby in the long term.
  18. What safety measures should be taken in order to prevent wildfires in summer?
  19. Study the consequences of obesity in the effectiveness and productivity of a country.
  20. Describe the most concerning effects of global warming worldwide. How will it affect your country?
  21. How much has the Internet changed the way we think of communication?
  22. Describe what your favourite story is. Why?
  23. Describe the advantages of having diversity at the workplace.

To create an effective explanatory article, you should pick the most adequate headline in the first place. Then, proceed to develop the content using reliable facts to support your final conclusions.


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