Solar energy

According to Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development with the lack of sustainable and affordable energy it’s not possible to improve health, education and reduction of poverty. The report further revealed that 1.6 billion people of the world population have no access to electricity with 80% of these people living in rural areas of developing countries. This gives rise to the need of a cheaply affordable and sustainable source of energy. The developments in the technologies of tapping solar energy have been on the rise all the world over. Countries all over the world are encouraging their citizens to use the solar energy as their source of energy. This has led to the rise in the companies that are manufacturing the solar panels which is the main item that is used in tapping the solar power. The solar energy once it has been tapped it can be converted into heat, light and other forms of energy that can be used by the users according to their needs.

Ike, Adoghe & Abdulkareem say that one of the outstanding advantage of using the solar energy is that sunlight is an perfect renewable source of energy. The authors argue that this is the sole reason why using solar energy in electricity generators, automobiles and powering of cellular base stations is becoming very common. The generation of electricity is done using the photovoltaic cell which converts sunlight into electricity.

Another advantage of using the solar energy is that it’s environmental friendly. Pollution of the environment has been a stress all over the world. Leaders from all over the world meet almost every year to discuss on the issues of environmental pollution. One of the strategies that countries have been advised in order to reduce environmental pollution is the use of solar energy in the industrial production. The solar energy unlike the fuel and other sources of energy does not pollute the environmental like the smoke that comes from fuel and kerosene.

The cost of tapping the solar energy is relatively cheap as compared to electricity and other sources of energy. The tapping simply requires the use of solar panels which are relatively cheap and are available in many sizes of different sizes.

The solar energy is one of the best sources of energy that can be affordable to people of all classes and can help reduce environmental pollution if well utilized. The increase in technologies that are used in tapping the solar energy are increasing at a very high rate and therefore making it cheaper and ease to use.


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