A Guide To Writing An Essay About The New Generation

If you are given a task to write a good essay about the new generation, you need to keep in mind certain key points that will help you keep a proper structure of your project and make it logically correct.

  1. Determine the content of your essay.
  2. The content is what you are going to speak about in your work. Sometimes you are given a precise topic; sometimes you need to invent one on your own. Try to make it catchy and interesting. If you have instructions regarding the length of your essay, follow them with a lot of attention, in order to lose no points. Make sure that your text is addressed to a certain audience and is understandable to it.

  3. Study the topic to confirm your point of view.
  4. Search for relevant essays, articles or research in libraries or on the Web. Find out, which of these sources of information are accepted as reliable ones and can be used for your project. Depending on the type of your own project, you can use information that confirms your point of view on the new generation or, alternatively, is opposite. A good author always mentions opposite points of view on the subject.

  5. Analyze other works.
  6. When you have found well-written works by other authors, do some analysis and find out why they sound so good. Sometimes it’s due to correct word choice, sometimes, owing to properly chosen and exceptionally strong arguments.

  7. Do some brainstorming.
  8. Collect your thoughts on the topic and put them down. Choose two to three most interesting points of view and be ready to confirm them with the information you have studied and picked out before. Formulate your thesis statement. It should be focused on your subject and discover what you are going to speak about.

  9. Compose an essay outline.
  10. Structure your work and make sure that you haven’t planned too much. If you have been instructed to write five paragraphs, you should not write five pages. Formulate main theses and arguments that prove them. As a rule, there should be three proofs per each statement.

  11. Give attention to the intro and conclusions.
  12. The introductory paragraph determines whether readers will have a desire to give your paper any attention or not. Make it interesting and catchy.

  13. Double-check your work.
  14. Remove everything that is not related to the subject. Exclude repetitions, use synonyms, correct grammar mistakes, and make sure that all the paragraphs are clearly understandable.


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