How To Avoid Getting Scammed By An Essay Writing Service

The trend of online writing agencies is increasing day by day. Ever since its initiation almost over two decades ago, the online homework industry has become popular among students of all levels and grades. These sites also became famous because of the opportunity to offer services to a global audience. However, as time passed by more and more of these services came into existence. Many frauds were detected and a few reliable companies made their place. Even now, the competition among essay sites is tough and it is hard to tell which the top essay writing service is. Students, who use the internet for the first time to buy a paper, have more chances of being spammed. If you are worried about getting a spam site in result of your efforts, you should be careful with a certain things.

Look for reliable sites

Search the internet for reliable service providers. Do not trust paid ads they are not ideal results. Always rely on organic results for your search.

Check customer reviews

See what they customers are saying about them to know about the quality of their work. Customer reviews are the most honest review you can receive for a site. This is a good way to know about the reliability of the site. Positive customer reviews means that the site is professional enough and there less chances of a fraud.

See their portfolio

To be sure, of the quality, you should ask the company or the individual to give you a link to their portfolio. Most professional companies have an online portfolio to show their clients. However, if they do not have one on the internet you should ask them to email you one. Do not rely on a company who is hesitant to show you their portfolio.

Ask for a sample

Ask them to write a custom sample for you.

Talk to a representative

Communication is the key to successful execution. Talk.

Never give your personal details

Do not give your bank account details and credit card login information to avoid online identity fraud.

Never pay 100% in advance

Set milestones and pay as you move.

Check for plagiarism

When you receive your essay, you should pass it through a plagiarism-checking site to make sure the work is original.

Decide the revisions

Decide upon the number of revisions in advance so that you do not feel stuck at the end of proofing.


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