Looking For A Reliable Example Of Synthesis Essay - Basic Instructions

It is reasonably easy to find good examples of a synthesis essay but of course in the first place it's important to understand what you are looking for. A synthesis essay is sometimes called a synthesis paper and it is a coming together or a synthesizing of a number of ideas. To be able to write a good synthesis essay you need to have the ability to find reliable information from a variety of sources and then to coordinate this information and write about it in a sensible and logical way. Your two main skills involve research and organization.

What you are looking for in a synthesis essay is the work of a writer who can see connections between a variety of points all of which are related to the same theme or topic. Remember though that there are different types of synthesis essay.

  • There is the argument synthesis essay.
  • There is the explanatory or background synthesis essay.
  • And there is the review synthesis essay.

Knowing what you're looking for and knowing where to find it are two separate things. When you have a specific goal in mind as far as your synthesis essay is concerned, finding excellent examples is much easier.

You can find examples from your fellow students if you ask politely. You can certainly consult with your tutor or professor about relevant examples of synthesis essays. And by using your search engine and going online you will come to any number of websites with examples.

Again finding examples is one thing, finding ideal or good or excellent examples is another. In this article you are looking for reliable examples of synthesis essays. Do you know what makes a particular essay reliable? The source of the examples you find is always a good indication.

If the synthesis essay has been examined and given a score and has comments from the examiner then you are in a good position to know whether or not this is an excellent example. If you are looking at examples online and they have been produced by a company which is in the business of offering their services to write synthesis essays, you need to be sure that the company has a history of excellence and that there are many testimonials and recommendations for the work they produce.

Know the type of synthesis essay you wish to study and only study those of a high standard.


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