2 paragraph essay writing: what are the main formatting tips?

A two paragraph essay is not one of the most commonly required essays that you will be asked to write. However, it does serve a purpose and does have a particular format to follow. This type of essay is usually used to display a concept that is two-fold. This means that this type of essay is great when you want a paper that describes an answer to a question and then a creative response to what it would mean when the action was taken. For example, you may ask a writer to describe to them their ideal job, and if they had that job what they would do with that job. The writer would then write two paragraphs separating the first answer from the second answer.

This technique is used mostly when teaching how to move from writing about a single idea into writing about more complex issues. It teaches the writer to effectively separate the ideas by writing about two similar topics in the same paper. It is crucial when you start learning how to write longer papers consisting of three or five paragraphs.

The idea behind this technique is to teach the writer how to answer the first part of the question in the first paragraph and then transition to the second paragraph to answer the second question. For most writers, they can answer the whole question in one paragraph and would probably do so without given specific direction to break it into two. It helps them learn when to separate paragraphs in the future.

In a two paragraph essay, the format is very simple. The first paragraph will start explaining the first half of the question. In our previous example, the first paragraph would concentrate on your ideal job. It can start off as a simple “my ideal job would be”. It would continue with information about what the ideal job consists of. There would then be a transition to the second part of the question like “my ideal job would allow me to do many things”.

The second paragraph would start off with something like “If I was a teacher, I would be able to teach children how to write great stories”. This helps the writer start to elaborate on their original decision of being a teacher. It shows them how to explain the reasons why they made their choice.

A good writer not only tells the reader that they believe something but they tell the reader why they believe it. The two paragraph essay is a building block to help the writer learn how to answer a question and then expand on the question giving reasons why they made that decision.


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