5 Great Suggestions On How To Write A Better Essay

When it comes to constructing an essay you have to take so many things into consideration.  How long does it have to be?  What is the topic of the essay?  When should I start it?  These are easy questions to answer, you teacher or instructor tells you how long is has to be or at least give you a minimum.

The topic is usually gives to you or you will have to find one, which is pretty easy once you start your research on the subject.  And as always start assignments like this as early as possible to give you time to prepare and write it but how do you write a better essay?  There are some simple ways that you can write a better essay and these suggestions should help you the next time you are going to write an essay.

How To Write A Better Essay

  • The first thing that you can do to write a better essay is to read other essay.  Reading someone else’s essay will show you how to do it better and can also show you what not to do.  You can find ones online pretty easily and you can read ones on various topics to get a feel on how an essay should look.
  • Start to build your vocabulary and use it in your essay.  Having a good vocabulary will ensure that you can find different words to replace ones that you keep using over and over again.  If your vocabulary isn’t that great then use a thesaurus to help you find better words in your essay.
  • Use words like moreover, however, and furthermore to build and develop you argument.  These words will keep the flow of your essay going and keep the reader reading.
  • Things like syntax, grammar, spelling, and voice can all make your essay sound better.  When you are reading a sentence you know if it is good or not and your reader will be able to tell too.
  • Don’t use sentences that don’t have any information in them.  If you are going to put a sentence in your essay it has to have meaning and be important to the essay.
  • When you are proofreading your essay, read it out loud or use text to speech on your computer.  Listening to your essay being read out loud will help you find mistakes that you might have missed the first time proofreading.

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