How to start writing a good essay: supporting material for beginners

Why writing a good essay can be difficult?

  • An essay can be a very difficult task for a student to master especially if never wrote one before.
  • Writing an essay requires a student to write the essay per the instructions of their professor or teacher.
  • Writing an essay requires the student to choose a topic that would be easy to research and write about.
  • Writing an essay requires the student to know some information about the topic that will be written about in the essay.
  • Writing a good essay requires the student to ensure that the essay is written in the correct format and style per the teacher’s instructions.
  • Writing a good essay requires the student to take the time and effort to do so.

Where a student can get information on how to write a good essay?

  • If this is the first time the student is doing an essay for a particular class, they can ask their professor or teacher for instructions and guidance on writing the essay.
  • The student can get sample essays from their teacher, school library, classmates, or school library. The student would use the sample essay as a guide for writing their own essay.
  • The student can go to school sponsored websites and get assistance with writing their first essay.
  • The student can get assistance from an English tutor to learn how to write a good essay.
  • The student can get assistance from certain websites on how to write a good essay.  If the student chooses the internet for assistance, they should get recommendations from professors, teachers, or classmates for the best websites.

Here are few steps for beginners on writing a good essay:

  • Should put a topic and do research on the topic before start writing the essay.  Do research on the essay to ensure that the topic is worth writing about.
  • The student should ensure to analyze their arguments, analyze their viewpoint on the topic, and how they will present both in the essay.
  • The first key to begin to write a good essay is brainstorming on one’s
  • The next key to writing a good essay is having a strong thesis statement.
  • The student should always create an outline of the Introduction, Body (main points), and Conclusion before writing the essay.
  • The student should write the essay in 5 paragraph format: Introduction, Body (three main points should each have a paragraph), and Conclusion.
  • The student should always do at least two rough drafts of the essay before the final draft of the essay.

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